Maud GmbH (Mannheimer Archiv- und Digitalisierungs-Gesellschaft) offers a wide range of services in the area of archive and digital scanning of Ancient Books. The Visual Concept is a modern design and an innovative Logo that communicates the new approaches in the market.

The Organization "Matanana" helps people in Tanzania to get access to medical treatment. Since 2009 an initiative of young people from Germany made it possible to change, educate and create a new hope for many people in this area.

For a decade, Armin Lindauer and Betina Muller researched, collected and created works whose experimental methods result in creative design solutions.
The works were found in very diverse sectors such as advertising, product design, poster design, art, and sciences. The book features historically significant works by Courbet, Monet, Jawlensky, Picasso, Albers and the Bechers, as well as works of famous contemporary designers such as Daniele Buetti, Peter Dreher, Gunther Kieser, Uwe Loesch or Stephan Sagmeister. With its more than 3000 images, "Experimental Design" is a visual reference book for anyone interested in methodical approaches to ideas and concepts.

Experimentelle Gestalrung

My Bachelor project (“manche mögen Poesie”) deals with the visualization of the poetry of Wislawa Szymborska. The goal of this project is to explore methods, in which people can relate to it visually and emotional way to words and prove that poetry has a potential to be expressed, not only in books but also in an audio visual way.The project includes six poems of Szymborska that combines visual, music and sound.

The Urban Hacking - social design workshop was taking place in June 2014 at the Hochschule Mannheim Design Faculty. We were discussing and dealing social issues, in which we wanted to put awareness of.

As a part of a group work, we have made some group actions. As an immigration city and the strength of right parties in the city, we wanted people to remember that the diversity of Mannheim is also its strength. Another idea was to built a Love path, where people have to be closer to each other as they walk in the city.

The “Lesen in Quadrat” application aims to refresh the image of the Mannheim public library and attract the readers into the online world, too.

After research and analysis of other current public library’s applications, I have decided to design a colorful, friendly and simple application.

It gives the user the opportunity to browse the catalog, read books online, get the latest news, updates and notifications.