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The Organization "Matanana" helps people in Tanzania to get access to medical treatment. Since 2009 an initiative of young people from Germany made it possible to change, educate and create a new hope for many people in this area.

After 6 Months of work in which we sorted all the important materials of the organization and created a new Website to visualize this information correctly so that it would be clear how much and what exactly they achieved from the beginning until today.

We have created a Film together to be able to have a personal level with people who are interested to know this organization better and hopefully to become a part of it.


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Maud GmbH (Mannheimer Archiv- und Digitalisierungs-GmbH) offers a wide range of services in the area of Archive and Digital scanning of Ancient Books. The Visual Concept is to create a modern Design an an innovative Logo, to communicate the modern approach of the company.


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A Promotion Film for the Book "Experimental Design: Visual Creativity and Method", Armin Lindauer and Betina Müller
How does visual creativity arise in the first place and how can visual methods be developed and applied in the production of ideas and variety? For over two decades the authors have searched, collected and produced work dealing with their understanding of how experimental design can be created by using methodical design processes.

Experimentelle Gestaltung

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MAL Electronics GmbH was formed in 1992 as a manufacture of quality power conversion devices for
diesel engines and special automotive parts. The new design of the Website presents the company in a clear way and presents it's atmosphere and surrounding.

Including a few commercial videos, it is now easier to see which products, working atmosphere and service, are defining them.


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The "Ministerium für Glück und Wohlbefinden" is a creative Art Project campaign that also creates different interactive Workshops in order to bring into awareness the Happiness in our society and lives.

I had the opportunity to document one of the Workshops in Mannheim, Germany in November 2014.


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