"Kunstbegriff" is a new Analog Photography project that I am focusing on in the last months.

Working with the Mamiya Middle Format and Black and White film, I am seeking to create an experimental mix of Urban buildings, Nature and their relationship together in different exposure ways.

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My Bachelor project ("Manche mögen Poesie") deals with the visualization of the poetry of Wislawa Szymborska. The goal of this project is to explore methods, in which people can relate in a visual way and emotional way to words and prove that poetry has a potential to be expressed, not only in books but also in an audio visual way.

The project includes seven poems of Szymborska that combines visual, music and sound. the project is in the German language.

Until all literature and music licenses would be paid, the project cannot be available online.

The trailer shows a glimpse of the project:

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Snapshopts from: "Perspektive", "Eine version der Vorkommnisse", "Glückliche Liebe", "Das Schreibens eines Lebenslaufs", "Katze in der leeren Wohnung"

The Urban Hacking - social design workshop was taking place in June 2014 at the Hochschule Mannheim Design Faculty. We were discussing and dealing social issues, in which we wanted to put awareness of.

As a part of a group work, we have made some group actions. As an immigration city and the strength of right parties in the city, we wanted people to remember that the diversity of Mannheim is also its strength. Another idea was to built a Love path, where people have to be closer to each other as they walk in the city.

The workshop was held by Johannes Brückner.

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As a part of the 100 years remembrance of the first world war discussion, I have collaborated with my colleague Isabel Linnemann and we have designed this poster for a competition calling to stop violence and hate (Die Waffen nieder! Jetzt!).

The concept is dealing with a famous German term "Nullachtfünfzehn" that it's origins are from the first war world. MG 08/15 was a common weapon classification that was used by the German army at that time.

Nowadays the term is used to describe something common and normal. we wanted to express the "normality" of war in our world, that for some people, is unfortunately, still a daily routine.

"For some people war is still the norm"
How much information do you publish on the internet about yourself? do you know who can see this information or in which way this information can be used? do you have limits and do you consider what you are posting online? - Today the theme of privacy in the Internet is being discussed more then ever.


"Mach dich nicht nackig" ("Don't make yourself Naked") is a short clip made for a contest that was held by Bundesministerium der Justiz, Germany - In order to bring Issues such as privacy in the internet into discussion and public awareness.

Denise Gahn and I would like to thank the Jury of Bundesministerium der Justiz for choosing our video for the first place in the contest, in which our video would be represented.


Gratulations from Bundesjustizministerin Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, Berlin.